The Natural Cola

Restart Natural Cola is a cola flavored drink with vitamin C,
without caffeine and phosphoric acid.

Restart Natural Cola is a cola flavored drink with slight lemon taste. We have produced a healthier cola with low level of sugar, high level of vitamin C, but without caffeine and phosphoric acid. Restart Natural Cola is more naturally based product. Lets not prohibit kids to drink what they like, our cola is also for them.

Vitamins are essential for proper metabolism of proteins, fats and sugar in our body. One liter of Restart Natural Cola contains 500mg of vitamin C. Human body itself is no able to produce vitamin C and therefore it has to be gathered from outside. Its greatest need is for variety of inflammatory diseases, anemia and also for wound healing. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, thus protecting cells from damage.
Xylitol – (aka birch sugar) is a natural sweetener that maintains low and stable blood sugar in the body. Restart Natural Cola has fewer calories than regular cola, lower level of sugar is offsetting natural sweetener. Xylitol significantly helps in diseases of the upper respiratory tract or oral cavity while preventing tooth decay. It is used in the production of healthy food.
Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulating drug. It stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. It stimulates the kidneys to higher activity, which causes dehydration of the body. Side effects are especially irritability, nervousness and insomnia.
Phosphoric acid in its low levels in food is not harmful, but its excessive use is undesirable. It contains phosphorus that in high levels in the body messes up the body's ability to process calcium that can result to osteoporosis, softening of bones and teeth. We decided to produce a product without phosphoric acid to achieve healthier composition and also no restrictions on the enjoyment of children or other groups of customers.
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