What's inside

Restart Revitalizer is an important source of ingredients
that are needed for your body to revitalize itself.

Fructose - fruit sugar – is a sugar with a low glycemic index and is therefore suitable for diabetics, because, unlike glucose, does not stimulate insulin. Fructose is a monosaccharide that is found in ripe fruit, honey, and is part of the cane sugar. It is therefore a source of energy derived from nature. May be used as other sweeteners, but the fructose is about 30% sweeter than regular sugar.

Fructose is an energy boost for athletes, organism exposed to physical and mental strain, but also for the elderly people and children. It is particularly well suited for preparation of variety energy drinks, which are used durin physical and mental exertion. It is widely used in the body by the liver for metabolic processes. Fructose is therefore suitable for active athletes, but also helps in recovery.

250 ml Restart Revitalizer contains comparable amount of carbohydrates (the common name for various sugars), as is contained in 250 ml of hundred percent orange or apple juice.

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