How it works

Restart Revitalizer is a functional drink with more benefits, especially in times
of increased strain on organism and liver.

Restart Revitalizer reduce adverse effects of excessive alcohol consumption – makes the enzimatic alcohol metabolism quicker. Fructose that is present in the drink is transformed in our body to a particular modified form of glucose molecules, which metabolized increase level of NADH cofactor in organism. The task of NADH, inter alia, is reducing cofactor NADP+, oxidized in micro somatic systems for the oxidation of ethanol, through special enzymatic system to NADPH, which may subsequently return to system oxidation process – metabolism of other alcohol.

Antioxidants in the drink support neutralization of free radicals and therefore does not result in known symptoms of hangover (headache, nausea, vomiting). Alcohol is metabolized mainly by liver; however, brain, stomach and pancreas also take part in the process of metabolism. Restart Revitalizer makes the process of enzymatic metabolism of alcohol quicker.

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